Empowering and inspiring people to reconnect with their true selves to live a fulfilling life and reach their full potential.

Mindselo Is India’s Fastest Growing Personal Growth Company that seeks to Transform Ideas into Wisdom We want to create conscious minds connected to the world through our education system.

We aim to contribute to human transformation by combining leading technology with great storytellers, greatest teachers, mentors, learning theories and community interactions.

We spend the primary years of our life preparing for our careers and providing aid to our insecurities. But the things that actually matter most in life get less attention including our health, relationships, mindset, wellbeing and true education.

Transform Your life

Why are we India's fastest growing personal growth Company?

mindselo program

We are providing real-life education and bringing the life values into the light again and helping you make alignment with your inner and outer world, we deliver value education and are dedicated to bringing the best of you from you.

We have created a perfect blend of science and spirituality. Because We provide life Education connecting to real-life experiences and case studies and making it easy to swallow.

We are making personal development and growth fun and easy to implement with our ready to use a framework, tools and techniques with our best team of loving and passionate educators.

A lifelong learning platform for people who desires a transformative self-exploration journey and create meaning in life through expressing our humanness and using that very essence to inspire others to discover their potential that they may not even realise they have.


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Marsya Amani

Johor, Malaysia

When think about Mindselo,I think about the leaders of tomorrow, I think about empowerment,I think about inspiration.

Chan Wing Sum, Kelly

Hong Kong, China

To me, Mindselo is a Global Impact Fellowship program that brings together young world-changers from different countries who have shown exceptional leadership qualities in their various discipline to help equip them, so that they can be able to expand their impact positively on the world.

Desalegn Masresha Bekele

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Mindselo is a program which aims to build network of young leaders around the world. Because its the unity that spark the positive change around the globe.

Esmatullah Raha


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