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The Mindselo Yog Yaara Program

The way Of Happiness

A 3-weeks Program That Empowers You With A Fun, Rewarding Yoga Practice You’ll Love And Stick To (No Matter Your Lifestyle Or Physical Condition)

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November 20, 2020

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We all want to lead a joyful life and want the people we love to be happy too. Despite economic, material, and technological growth, the Society is still not as happy and contented as it used to be around fifty years ago. We need to re-think about our priorities. We Need to Understand that What makes us happy has less to do with our money or possessions but more to do with our attitudes and relationships with others.

This Program aims to Seattle to people from all walks of life. Bring positivity In their personal lives, communities and work-places, help them create a happier and healthier environment with mutual respect and care for each other. The topics covered in the workshop will help people learn practical scientific and logical ways to improve their well-being and further impart this joy and wisdom to others. The workshop is based on the eternal Vedic knowledge which has stood the test of time

Yoga is an ancient science that aims to create a balance between the body, energy, mind and soul.

✔ Yoga helps us to increase flexibility.

✔ Yoga helps us in immunity building.

✔ Yoga for Strength.

✔ Yoga helps in dealing with anxiety and depression.

✔ Yoga strengthens the memory and improves concentration.

✔ Yoga improves mental as well as psychological well-being.

✔ Yoga reduces the effects of traumatic experiences

✔ Yoga improves relationships.

✔ Yoga has a positive impact on mood.

✔ Yoga helps us attain inner peace.

✔ Yoga helps us cope with hardship.


✔ Hatha yoga

✔ Restorative yoga

✔ Guided Asanas with variations and contraindications

✔ Yin yoga for stress release

✔ Immunity building Asanas

✔ Strength building Asanas.

✔ Kapalbhatti

✔ Bhrastika

✔ Surya/Chandra bheda pranayam

✔ Nadi shodhana pranayam

✔ Sheetali / Sheetkari

✔ Ujjai Pranayam

✔ Bhramari Pranayam

✔ Mudras

✔ Bandhas and Granthis

✔ Nava darshan

✔ Patanjali yoga sutras

✔ Ayurvedic doshas

✔ Naad yoga

✔ Raaga yoga

✔ Dhyaan yoga

How Does Yoga Do All That? (Brief) Scientific Explanation

Yoga provides you all the expected edges of a decent physical travail (some a lot of intense styles of yoga even count as a cardio workout).

But there’s additionally one thing occurring after you do yoga, and it’s connected to your body’s involuntary nervous system: a ‘control panel’ that regulates several of your automatic functions like your respiratory, digestion, and heartbeat.

Here are the 6 phase

✔ Connection with your Natural Self

✔ Gratitude for Everything you have

✔ Freedom from negativity and worries

✔ Creatively rethink and reset every aspect of your life

✔ Positive Intentions for this life-long quest

✔ receive from the universe constantly

What you can expect from this course?

  • Have an excellent understanding of the principles of Patanjali’s Ashtanga (Eight Limb)
  • Improve alignments and postures to reduce the risk of
  • Master all 59 Asanas which is important for beginners and
  • Practice a Vinyasa yoga flow that will strengthen the body, release tension, and establish a healing mind-body
  • Unblocking and balancing the seven chakras for restoring wellness on an emotional and energetic
  • Learn and apply the anatomical and physiologist understanding of yoga
  • Learn the science of hatha yoga and Pranayama
  • Learn to use the breath as a tool to become a master of mind and body using Pranayama techniques
  • Learn simple meditation techniques to create mindfulness, awareness and joy in your life
  • Learn to use your Food as Medicine instead of Medicine as Food
  • Explore Yoga’s physical, mental, spiritual and holistic
  • Learn the complete body fitness yoga module
  • become a regular practitioner of
  • Learn Stress Management
  • know how to enjoy life and add meaning to it in the right way
  • build your immunity
  • Deepen your knowledge of Yoga
  • Learn to relax easily
  • Learn Traditional Yoga Nidra practice
  • Learn more on Pranayama practice, (Anatomy physiology and philosophy)
  • Learn Meditation

3 Reasons You’ll Love The

1.Transformation For Ever Area Of Life

Remember, you’re not just working out, you’re working in. And so as you progress through the Mindselo Yog Yaara Program, you won’t just notice physical improvements – but also changes in the quality of your thoughts, habits, beliefs, self-discipline, and self-identity. The impact this will have on every area of your life is priceless.

2 .Results That Last Forever

We’re not doing yoga for 4 Weeks and calling it quits. We’re guiding you through an empowering process that locks in your yoga practice for life. Yoga won’t just become something you do every day or a few times a week – it will become a highlight of your life, and a tool you use often to show up as the best version of you.

3 .A Beautiful Combo Of Theory & Practice

On some days, you’ll sit down for an intimate exploration of yoga philosophy and self-reflection. On others, you’ll roll out your yoga mat and experiment with some fun new poses. This multi-dimensional approach to learning guarantees you’re getting the ‘big picture’ of what yoga is really about.

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

✔Full lifetime access to the 4-weeks Yoga Yaara Program​ with Yogi Siddharth

✔On the mat sessions​ featuring easy-to-follow yet rewarding yoga flows in a variety of styles

✔ Off the mat sessions​ featuring empowering yoga wisdom and philosophy to deepen your practice and your self-mastery.

✔Community support and a guide​ with a vibrant group of like-minded students

✔3x Pre-recorded Q&A sessions with Siddharth​ for support, friendship, and addressing any challenges you’re facing

✔Customer support​ to help you through every step of your journey and beyond.

Best Yoga Instructor

When you join the Mindselo Yog Yaara Program, you enjoy intimate guidance from world-class yoga instructor with his own unique perspective and approach to yoga.

Your designated host is Yogi Siddharth: He has personally helped hundreds of people reap the rewards of this life-changing practice in a fun and accessible way.

He has a profound experience in teaching a wide spectrum of people and especially international students. He has been conducting various TTC models and retreat programs across India.

Meet Your Educator

Yogi Siddharth is a Himalayan yogi who has a metropolitan origin. He has pursued his education from premier educational institutions in India. An academic genius, he undertook his spiritual sojourn which was fuelled by his natural instinct and quest for knowing the truth. In the process, he stayed with many Mystics including HH the Dalai Lama and later on, amalgamated his spiritual understanding by completing an ATTC-500 Under yoga Alliance.

Proficient in communication and teaching skills and a seasoned orator, he has been a debater, leader and a receiver of three national-level awards along with being an international honouree representing India in the USA where he had been awarded by the ex-president of the USA for commendable community service.

His understanding and teaching of yoga are backed by his scientific aptitude and his genuine spiritual quest. Therefore his teaching methodologies are extremely rational, relatable and logical, explained with a deeply spiritual and scientific understanding ingrained in each step of his organised classes. As a good listener and a veteran speaker, he is approachable to students and explains everything with pure logic and scientific reasoning.

Mindselo Yog Yaara Program Schedule

 You’ll begin your first week of the Mindselo Yog Yaara Program by creating space to energize your body. A big goal here is not to strive for perfection, but to release all judgment and flow in the direction your body feels like. The tensions and frictions you release in this first week will help you begin expanding your boundaries, and get the most from the coming weeks.
Highlights include:

  • Strengthen your core and upper body, allowing you to stand strong in your power and grace.
  • a simple yet effective way to strengthen your hamstrings, calves, and back
  • Gentle movements that center you and bring energy back into your
  • A Strong flow focused on your legs; get ready to work up a nice


In your second week you’ll move onto strengthening your base and core, so you can  access greater confidence and stability, on and off the mat. The benefits of this are  life-changing and include better resistance to injury and back pain, hardier inner organs, a healthier central nervous system, and better posture.

Learn how to calm down immediately in any situation

Highlights include:

  • Improving focus, concentration, and memory
  • Improve mental as well as psychological well-being.
  • Stimulating thinking

 Your final week takes your yoga journey to uplift you to the next levels. You’ll harness the energy and strength you’ve gained so far to soar beyond the limitations and frustrations that once pinned you down – and create a new reality defined by unbreakable courage and authenticity. This week may challenge you a little more, but the rewards are life-changing.

Highlights include:

  • Distributing energy levels and inducing calmness.
  • Increasing mental energy.
  • Making you more creative.
  • Developing cognitive powers.
  • Boosting decision-making skills.
  • Making you more psychologically balanced.

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