Who we are?

Mindselo is a personal growth platform that seeks to transform ideas into wisdom. We work on the Vedanta ideology for the synthesis of science and religion for the benefit of humanity.

Life Riser Program

Mindselo through its “Life Riser Program” is on a mission to help the essential frontline workers and migrant community by providing these Individuals with Mental health-related therapies and helping the migrant community by bearing all the rents of their temporary stay. The campaign launched is to help raise funds for providing therapy sessions to 40,000 people or more as often as can be done.

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) could also be stressful for people. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. How we respond to the outbreak can depend on our way of living, the things that make us different from other people, and the community we live in.

People at higher risk for severe illness, like older adults, and other people with underlying health conditions also are at increased risk of stress thanks to COVID-19. Special considerations include:

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Mental health level
Enough Equipment
Emotional Support
Society 4 Society

“Our Frontline workers are at increased risk of having mental health concerns, such as depression and it can affect their dedication towards fighting against Covid-19.”

Mental health problems can occur physical problems, such as stomach pain, back pain, headaches, or cognitive problems (such as having trouble concentrating on work).

Responding to COVID-19 can take an emotional toll on them, and they may experience secondary traumatic stress. Secondary traumatic stress is stress reactions and symptoms resulting from exposure to a different individual’s traumatic experiences, instead of exposure to a traumatic event.

Responding to disasters is both rewarding and challenging work. This virus is a major chronic stressor for all levels of essential workers. Sources of stress for frontline workers include witnessing human suffering, risk of private harm, intense workloads, and long separation from their family.

Stress prevention and management are critical for responders to remain well and to still help within the situation. There are important steps responders should take before, during, and after an occasion. To take care of others, Our Coronawarriors must be feeling well, mentally strong, and thinking clearly without being affected by any fear. This is only possible if they are mentally strong.

People with preexisting psychological state conditions should continue with their treatment plans during an emergency and monitor for any new symptoms.

The Aim

Mindselo wants to reach 40,000 lives by helping them overcome mental health-related concerns. Our priority is frontline workers but this service is available for all. We have a fundraising goal of ₹5,00,000 Or $6617

Goal ₹5,00,000

Please consider helping us by donating to this fundraiser. For more information,