Project Life Quest by Mindselo

Touching one Million Lives & Transforming the whole Humanity

‘Life Quest’ is an initiative for Students, Professionals as well as Educators organized by the Mindselo. Respected Individuals, who want to share their life lessons, personal experiences and professional experiences to pass on their learnings with their community, are welcome in joining this initiative. All individuals who have remarkable stories worth sharing are also welcome.

We conduct life skills workshops using interactive mediums like theatre, storytelling, poetry and many other fun activities as well as through our blogs, local community events.

“At Mindselo, we believe that Every Life Matters and to transform the lives of people, these life long learnings are precious to inspire and give a solution of their problems to them.”

We want to collect life lessons and personal experiences from people all over the world to spread inspiration and solutions to the problems of personal life.


Status: Ongoing

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