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Our talented staff is made up of skilled individuals who are passionate about what they do.

At Mindselo, we firmly believe that the synergy of our collaborative work has the ability for groundbreaking results.

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Rudra Thakur


Dinesh Rajput

Co- Founder , Advisory Board

Mou Pradhan

Co- Founder , Advisory Board

Aman Kumar

Co- Founder , Advisory Board

Ravindra Kumar

Co- Founder ,Relationship management

Our Creative

Marina Dai

Community Management

Rishikesh Singh

Social Media & Marketing

Sonam Srivastava

Educator Coordinator

Dr. Bristi Ghosh

Community Coordinator

Our Technical

Mukul Chaudhari

Front-end & Back-end Devloper and designer

Rahul Dey

Jr. Website designer

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Capucine Azko

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