Evolve with your Emotions

Hack your emotions to push your growth rate up.


This is a 3- Week interactive workshop designed as a perfect combination of the latest scientific proven tools and real-life inspiring experiences to help you gain more significant insights into evolving with your emotions and social situations.

Who this course is for

  • People who are struggling with their emotions.
  • People who are unable to manage their emotions and wasting the power of their emotions.
  • People who want to evolve with their emotions.

You’ll learn the value of emotional and social intelligence for personal & professional life success. Also, you’ll be able to identify the areas of growth where this skill can help you working.

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Listen to your emotions they hold all the answers you need.

This Emotional and social intelligence program is designed to help people understand, outgrow and evolve with their emotions, it aids you in developing your all emotional and social competencies for a better life.

In this 3 week program, we are going to deeply understand the multidimensional aspect of human emotions and their understanding of how our emotions affect our life and become a barrier to our growth. the problems are not with emotions problem we are facing in its management what people are doing is trying to control and hold emotion and that’s the place we are messing up this program will change your view of emotion and it will help you in understanding the emotions of people around you.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Understanding Emotions.
    Understanding emotions are very important giving you an understanding of all basic human emotions and their significance in oneself.

  2. Developing self-awareness.
    Assessing self emotional needs helps a person in making its management more effective, identifying our triggers of emotions and makes an emotionally intelligent person unique.

  3. Improving emotional management.
    When one gets aware of his or her emotion it’s management becomes easier how to manage the smooth flow of emotion.

  4. Developing empathy.
    Empathy is one of the key skills in social competencies being empathetic to another changing your whole social circle.

  5. Improved communication.
    Communication is the key to master your words can break someone and make someone it helps in building effective communication.

  6. Boosts compassion.
    It boosts compassion in you, one becomes more serving to themselves and people around them. relationships.

  7. Better social management.
    Your understanding of self and the relationship around you help you in striking a perfect emotional balance between you and your surroundings.

The Curriculum

The best study one can do is understanding himself and herself understanding their own needs, desires, emotions and as a person who they are.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding basic human emotions.
  • Assessing self emotion needs.
  • Developing self-awareness using different tool and techniques.
  • Refection: A tool of knowing thyself.

Once you get to know your emotions then this management part begins.

Highlights include:

  • Mastering self-control.
  • Understanding conscientiousness.
  • Tools for Developing adaptability.
  • Ensuring self-trust / developing trustworthiness.
  • Being purposeful.
  • Taking initiative for the change.

You’ll begin your journey by understanding the true definition of learning and memory, and what it takes to build new learning pathways.

Highlights include:

  • Art of being socially present.
  • Developing empathy.
  • Active listening.
  • Relationship Management.
  • Ensuring Trust, respect and safety.
  • Developing Compassion.

Additional Benefits Includes

  • Set of Reflective Questions to better understand how you perform.
  • Tiny Wisdom to apply daily and combination of various scientifically proven tools and Frameworks.
  • Worksheets & session summaries with proper CTA to help you take immediate tiny but effective actions.


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    Very good. Had it been in English I would have fully understood the content.kindly send the recording.

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  6. Ms. Neha Goel

    Very knowledgeable and informative session

  7. Dr.Subodh Kumar Das

    Excellent programme and useful in practical life.Excellent Q/A session

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  9. Mr Sukanta kumar pradhan

    The webinar is very informative definitely i ll implement in counselling…

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    Nice One

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    Very nice session

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    Very informative



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    Good session

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    Hi good morning
    I really appreciate your efforts n your time which u put on to arrange online session. I really important the session. Like the course Regarding Kiran

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    I really appreciate your efforts n your time which u put on to arrange online session . I really enjoyed the session. Overall I really like this course, because of you interaction session.

  18. Neerupa

    Superb. V effective to understand

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    Wonderful informative session

  20. Afreen Khatoon

    It was really awesome webinar I feel good after attending this webinar

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