Meditative Art Program

Know the Secret of building indestructible focus using art as a tool for attaining the flow-state in everything you do.


This personalised program is for people who want to master the art of flow like an artist. Find Peace & Serenity in everything you do.

  • Do you find it difficult in keeping your focus on the task at the hand.
  • If you feel easily distracted in the situation and looking for something which can keep you on track.
  • If day to day situations are putting you in anxiety and  you tried meditation but not able to cope up with it.
  • If you want to experience the meditative state with the essence of art.
  • If you’re going to master the art of being in a flow state.

If Yes, Then this meditative art program is for you, giving you the tools which help you in bringing your focus to the present and enjoy a blissful state while working.

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Unlock a Peaceful & Serene Life

The Meditative Art program guides you through a deep process for creating effective and lasting change in your inner and outer world with personalised classes.

In this 6-Days Workshop, You will learn the use of art in boosting the mental and spiritual being that will lead you to a quick and profound inner transformation. You will also know how to look at even the simplest of things with varied perspectives, which will help create new thinking patterns for yourself and help you release stress, depression, and anxiety to enhance your performance and productivity. The workshop will help you understand and build a Spiritual connection with yourself, people around you and nature.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Increased Self Expression:
    Art allows a person to express and let go of all the emotional holdings. It makes your mind accessible.

  2. Increased Mindfulness:
    Art brings all your attention. The present allows you to live in a moment.

  3. Improved EQ and IQ:
    When used as a conscious tool for meditation, art becomes very effective and improves EQ and IQ significantly.

  4. Tap Into Higher Concentration:
    Experience a remarkable shift in your concentration power as soon as you come onboard on this program.

  5. Expand Your Creativity:
    Imagine being able to think consciously and n  about n? Yes, it’s possible with this program.

  6. Level Up Self-Acceptance:
    This powerful skill will allow you to attract great opportunities and better relationships.

  7. Boost Your Confidence:
    Identify and build confidence in yourself.

The Curriculum

You’ll start your journey by understanding the true definition of art and meditation.

Highlights Include:

  • Understanding art and meditation and their correlation.
  • Art of being in flow .
  • Feel the creativity unleashed live.

Gain Insights into fine arts and be expressive.

Highlights Include:

  • Understanding body language and its expression.
  • Improved emotional expression, as well as social harmony and appreciation of diversity in different dance forms.
  • Enhance your problem-solving skills and increase observation power.

Dive deep in understanding the performing arts and their benefits.

Highlights Include:

  • Build self-confidence.
  • improve communication skills, concentration, and memory.
  • Build self-awareness and self-expression skills.

Learn the art of looking at the same thing with various perspectives to explore the 360.

Highlights Include:

  • Gain insights on powerful communication tactics.
  • Finding different perspectives.
  • Learn to explore the possibilities.

Use Writing as a tool to activate your positive state of mind.

Highlights Include:

  • Use Journaling as a tool to think positive.
  • Let go of negative and energy-sucking thoughts.
  • Understanding how the  use of word changes the scenario.

Revision, Doubt Clarifications & Assessment of a complete course in a live class.

Highlights Include:

  • Check your knowledge.
  • Get your doubts resolved.
  • Pass the assessment.

Additional Benefits Includes:

  • Reflection journaling exercises and session summaries.
  • Scientific proven tools and techniques to better understand art & meditation.
  • Worksheets & session summaries with proper CTA to help you take immediate tiny actions.
  • Insightful discussions.
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