Pearls for Happy Life

Nurture Relationship Nurture Life.


This program is for Couples who want to experience blissfulness and serenity in a relationship and are willing to work on each other and their quality of relationship.

Who should join:

  • Couples who are willing to improve their relationship.
  • A couple Tired of push-pull dynamics and looking for a saviour.
  • Couple Who wants to win over love addiction and avoidance.
  • Couple Who wish to experience sacred union.
  • The couple who want to bring gratitude, playfulness and harmony in their relationships .
  • Couple Who want to cultivate deeper intimacy.
  • Couple Who want to build a fulfilling and nurturing relationship.
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Experience A Blissful And Serene Relationship, Break Ties From Unhealthy Relationship Patterns and Finding & Keeping Real Pearls Of A Happy And Fulfilling Life.

In this seven-week program, you’ll be tapping into a blissful relationship, experiencing the serenity and divinity of a Union. This program will transform you and your relationship when one works for a quality relationship that has already worked for a quality life. The relationship with your partner is the relationship you share with life.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Healing from Traumas and Relationship wounds.
    Most of us live with traumas and relationship wounds that are taking the life of our current relationship, so you’ll learn the healing of these wounds.

  2. Breaking ties from unhealthy relationship patterns.
    This program will help you in understanding your unhealthy patterns and will help you in breaking these cycles.

  3. Understanding the energy play in a relationship.
    Energies are very important in a relationship. We will understand how this energy works and how its imbalance impacts a relationship.

  4. Striking Healthy Energy balance.
    You’ll learn to strike a healthy energy balance within yourself and in your relationship too.

  5. Fostering Trust and Safety.
    Trust and feeling safe is very important in a relationship. You’ll learn to foster Trust and safety in the relationship.

  6. Sacred Intimacy.
    You will be Understanding passion and Intimacy and how to make Union sacred.

  7. Gratitude Filled Relationship.
    Many of the Relationship we see around are filled with grievance. This we learn to transform resentment into Gratitude.

"Experience love like never before"

The Curriculum

In the first week, we understand the core of relationship problems and behaviours leading to an unhealthy relationship and essential breaking. Ties from these patterns.

Highlights Include:

  • Addressing the Unhealed trauma and wounds.
  • Understanding the push-pull dynamics in the relationship.
  • Breakfree from the old unhealthy patterns in relationships.
  • Stepping stones for a blissful relationship journey .

Energies play an essential part in any relationship. Imbalance energies lead to a destructive relationship, making a healthy balance of energies leads to a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Highlights Include:

  • Understanding the energy systems ( masculine and feminine).
  • How energies work.
  • How disbalance in energies impact relationship.
  • Tune in with your energies.

In an intimate relationship, it is widespread to experience pain. There will be many things triggering in your relationship as you get closer to someone. This week we will be working on evolving with pain.

Highlights Include:

  • Understanding the pain psychology in the relationship.
  • Identifying the roots of pain and relationship triggers.
  • Break free from Blame – Shame Game.
  • Turning Pains to Gains of Relationship.

What goes around comes around understanding this law and make it work for you to turn your grievance into gratitude. This week will be focused on Understanding the Relationship from the eyes of Gratitude. 

Highlights Include:

  • Understanding grievance.
  • Understanding how it damages the  relationship.
  • Understanding Gratitude.
  • Evolving from resentment to gratitude.

Intimacy plays a significant role in the sustainability of a relationship. This week we will be understanding the sacredness of sexuality and making it a blissful experience. 

Highlights Include:

  • Understanding Intimacy and its importance  in a relationship.
  • Understanding the sacredness of sexuality.
  • Exploring pleasure and orgasm.
  • How to make your sexual experience into a blissful practice.

In a relationship, trust is essential. It’s the foundation of a  relationship. This week will be understanding trust and will be working on ensuring A safe and healthy relationship. 

Highlights Include:

  • What are the safety markers of relationship.
  • Understanding Trust in Relationship.
  • Building Trust in relationship.
  • Ensuring 360° safety in three relationship.

Many of us crave experiencing soulfulness in Relationship. This week, we will be working on this dream to come true and make souls get United forever.

Highlights Include:

  • Understanding divinity of Union.
  • Fostering Soulfulness in Relationship.
  • Making Material Union divine.
  • Make souls fall in love.
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