Super Human 360° Program

Optimize your diet, sleep, time, energy and thinking pattern as per the results you want to produce.


The SuperHuman 360° Wellness Program is a scientifically designed 14-Days Workshop in which you have to dedicate 30 minutes daily to shift your reality and move on from Human to SuperHuman.

It’s a unique combination of scientifically proven theories and practical life experiences that have helped hundreds of people dedicate themselves to this program.

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Awaken the Super Human within You: Shifting from Potential to Productivity.

A Human being has multiple be the best version of themselves their relationship, thoughts, values and time that decodes a human KPI. Here we have identified the central cores that lead an individual’s performance.

DIET OPTIMIZATION: What to Eat, When to Eat and How to Eat?

SLEEP OPTIMIZATION: When to Sleep, How to Sleep and the Secret of SuperHuman Sleep.

TIME OPTIMIZATION: Where to Invest your Time, How to Invest It, and Double your Time?

ENERGY OPTIMIZATION: How Energy works? How to manage our Energies? How to Raise our Energies?

THINKING OPTIMIZATION: How our thoughts shape our reality? What are the models of thinking? Power of Reflection and many more…

What You’ll Learn

  1. Better Health.
    Health is a significant factor in deciding the quality of life a person leads. You’ll learn to create a better health model for yourself by optimising sleep, diet and thoughts for holistic wellbeing.

  2. Better Time Management.
    Time is money. You will learn the better management of your time, break free from your time-wasting habit, beat procrastination, and optimise it to make the best out of the given time.

  3. Sleep Hack.
    Proper sleep is a significant factor in deciding a person’s energy in this program. You’ll learn to make the best out of your sleep and update yourself for the coming day in a better way.

  4. 10x Your Productivity.
    Productivity Is what we can be called the KPI of a human. You’ll learn to improve your productivity and deliver your best in your work by optimising different core sets of life.

  5. Maintain A Healthy Relationship Balance.
    The relationship is the foundation of happiness. One can’t deny the role of relationship in life. You’ll learn a deep understanding of emotions and their management to strike a balance in the relationship. 

  6. Be Your Most Confident Self.
    From your work to your personal life, confidence is what people look for in a person. You’ll learn to balance healthy self-esteem and bring the best out of yourself to people and situations.

The Curriculum

You’ll begin your journey by creating a diet that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding body needs and It’s dietary requirements.
  • Breaking ties from unhealthy eating habits.
  • Making the balanced diet charts as per the assessed needs.
  • Implementation of the balanced diet chart.

Optimise your sleep for better well-being, well-balanced emotional states and enhanced mental performance.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding Sleeps unit’s physiological, psychological and emotional importance in general.
  • Assessing your sleep needs and sleeping patterns.
  • Making of the perfect sleep time.
  • How to grow your mind while sleeping.

Optimisation of time is the key to success doing the right thing at the right time and you’ll learn the art of managing time efficiently.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding time.
  • Assessing your time and your needs of the time.
  • Frameworks to get the best out of your time.
  • Implementing and choosing what works for you.

We have limited energy most of us get quickly exhausted from our day to day work In this you’ll learn your energy system and making it’s excellent and appropriate use.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding energy.
  • Identify the energy wasters.
  • Energy optimisation chart.
  • Implementation of the chart.

Your thoughts create your reality. In this part, you’ll learn to optimise your thoughts for excellence and growth in life.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding thoughts and how it works.
  • Identifying biases in the thoughts.
  • Break free from the unhealthy thought patterns.
  • Reprogramming the mind for a better purpose.

This part is dedicated to meet your needs and further queries.

Highlights include:

  • Personalised query sessions to get the best out of the program.
  • Live interaction with course educator.

Additional Benefits Includes:

      1. All the sessions are personalised and interactive so that you can get the best out of them.
      2. Set of Reflective Questions to better understand how you perform.
      3. Tiny Wisdom to apply daily and combination of various scientifically proven tools and Frameworks.
      4. Worksheets & session summaries with proper CTA to help you take immediate tiny but effective actions.
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  1. Sunita Behera

    Very useful

  2. Sunita Behera

    Very useful and help full

  3. Komal Thakur

    Very usefull and imformative

  4. Komal Thakur

    Very usefull and imformative

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