Yog Yaara Course

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A 3-weeks Program That Empowers You With A Fun, Rewarding Yoga Practice You’ll Love And Stick To (No Matter Your Lifestyle Or Physical Condition)

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10 reviews for Yog Yaara Course

  1. Pallavi Sahoo

    Since the first day i attended the classes of Yogi Siddharth, I felt myself connected with real me. I start feeling myself that i’m the origin of all the positive vibes and miracles. Thank you so much for this another program. I’m grateful for this program and will be joining for sure.

  2. Deepak Ramola

    “I don’t know what changed in me, but I felt peace & joy within myself after stepping on the mat. I felt my heart opening up. I let go of all the stress and headache. It felt as my body stretched, I was releasing negative thoughts and as I held poses, I was growing stronger, physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Thank you for helping me find peace!

  3. Dr. Nabisaheb Gulbarga

    Practicing yoga with YogYaara has changed my life! It has brought me more in balance with the universe and stronger in mind, body and spirit. I am just starting my journey and plan to continue because the practice has done so much to improve my well being. Thank you Mindselo for bringing mindfulness and Heartfulness in my existence.

  4. Pradeep Upadhyay

    I love my yoga teachers Yogi Siddharth nd his particularity which makes this yoga class a fun rewarding experience. I feel stronger, energized, more confident, alive and so happy!

  5. Dr. Tanmaya Tyagi

    This is not a class but an enlightening journey which helped me to connect with Source and my inner voice. I’m grateful to meet Yogi ji who taught me the real meaning of happiness, life, joy & living with a purpose. Thank you YogYaara

  6. Surachita Chanda

    “I like the Mindselo’s YogYaara, the fact that I am not alone in this journey. I also find it very important to have a guide (a friend), someone who can give me advices and suggestions to improve my practice.”

  7. Dr. Bhagirath Singh

    “I like Mindselo’s YogYaara because I have social anxieties and it’s nice to have a yoga teacher on my computer all time with me to guide me through all the steps. I’ve been able to start my yoga journey in my own way and I love it!”

  8. Mr. Jayesh Ranjan

    Before this program, I was successful but felt guilty about it. Since joining Yog yaara program, I have let go of those feelings and embraced the success I’m attracted.

  9. Dr. Vedansh Kumar

    I felt a sense of peace and joy that had been missing from my life. This program fully transformed my life. Thank you Universe, Thank you God, Thank you Mindselo.

  10. Priya Gupta

    I love the yogyaara by Yogi Siddharth! It’s easy to follow and keeps me on track. I love the way he taught and the truth he makes me realize in every his session. Thank You so much

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